Join Us at the Virtual Exhibition Experience
at the GC Session 2022

The Virtual Exhibition Experience offers Adventists around the world a unique insight into the global church. It is an opportunity for members to:
Connect with people and ministries from around the world,
Learn about the exciting work that’s reaching the world with the gospel message and
Be Inspired to say “I Will Go”.

What happens at a Virtual Exhibition?
See the many activities that will take place at the Virtual Exhibition below!

Jesus Last Love Letter: A Special Revival Series before the GC Session.

Join us for very special series of meetings with Pastor Don MacLafferty called Jesus Last Love Letter. Its an inter-generational revival series for children, youth and adults. A time to get closer to Jesus as we prepare for this very important GC Session.

Click here to see the recordings from each day:

Exhibition Booths

Visit Exhibition Booths By Adventist Organizations From Around The World

Digital Booth

Real Connections
Webinars and Workshops

Take Part In Interactive Features

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Market Place
Poster Sessions
Interactive Games
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Prayer Room
Networking Lounge
Weekly Newsletters
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Exhibitors and Sponsors

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