Wednesday, June 8 Scheduled Events

It’s time to plan your Virtual Exhibition Experience for Wednesday, June 8!

See the list below for LIVE Webinars on Wednesday, June 8th, provided by dozens of Adventist organizations from around the world. Don’t miss out!

Make sure you visit the Poster Hall today and discover the lasted research, innovation, and knowledge creation from Adventist scholars from around the world. Post your experiences on social media and use the hashtags #GCVX22 & #GCVIRTUALEXHIBITION2022. Your posts will appear on the Virtual Exhibition Social Media wall!

Enjoy your time with us!

The Virtual Exhibition Experience Team

Networking Lounge Events

(all events here are shown in Central Standard Time US/Canada)
6-7:30am – Deaf Chats
12:30-2:00pm – Tabgha Tours
5:30-7:00pm – GC Possibilities Ministries
9:15-10:30pm – Deaf Chats

Kahoot Games

(all events here are shown in Eastern Standard Time US/Canada)
12:00-1:30am – South Pacific Division Bible Game
6:00-7:30am – Possibilities Ministries games
12:00-1:30pm – Possibilities Ministries games
5:30-7pm – Tabgha Tours games

Education/Health Pavilion

Andrews University
10am EST – Bridging the Generational Gap: Simple strategies to support the faith of today’s youth
1pm EST – God’s Plan for Emotional Healing and Restoration
1pm EST – Learning to Play (Again)
1:30pm EST – Pathway to Mental Health: Using the Brain to Promote Healing

Mission Pavilion

Global Mission Centers
When Translation Isn’t Enough – June 8, 8am EST
Common Grounds with Hindus – June 8, 8am EST
Jesus in Islamic Sources – June 8, 1:00pm EST
Understanding the South Asian Religions – June 8, 10pm EST
Southern Asian Pacific Division
Events scheduled throughout the day, please check booth schedule
South Pacific Division
Discipleship in the South Pacific – June 8, 12:00am EST
Introducing The Tui’s – June 8, 5:30pm EST

Ministries 1 Pavilion

GC Stewardship
Jesus as an example for Stewardship (English) – Wednesday June 8, 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Pastor Todd Frias
Charitable Giving (English) – Wednesday June 8, 5:30 – 6:30 PM
Dr. May-Ellen Colón
Kids Camp – June 8, 2:00pm
Virtual Visit to Peru – June 8, 7:00pm EST
Child Impact International
Human Trafficking & Social Media – June 8, 8:00am EST
Trafficking Prevention in Ukraine – June 8, 2pm EST

Ministries 2 Pavilion

Impactful Giving
Mission Vision with Don MacLafferty – June 8, 7am EST
GC Children’s’ Ministries
Turning the Church’s Attention to Mental Health – June 8, 11:30am EST
Tabgha Tours
Pastor-Led Israel Tours (Pastors fully covered) – June 8, 2:00pm EST
Let’s Talk Tours: Israel, Egypt, New Testament & More – June 8, 8:00pm EST
Secrets Unsealed
Who is Secrets Unsealed? – June 8, 2:00pm EST
Un anuncio especial de Secrets Unsealed – June 8, 4:00pm EST
Prison Ministry (Short Documentary) – June 8, 4:00pm EST

Inter & South American Division Pavilion

West Center Brazil Union
Session General Conference – Ex-students meeting IABC (UCOB) – June 8, 5:00pm EST
Session General Conference – IABC (UCOB) – June 8, 6:00pm EST
Inter-America Division
El Metaverso y la Educacin Teolgica – June 8, 3:00pm EST

Media/Publishing Pavilion

My Bible First
Transformative Sabbath Schools – June 8, 7:00 EST