Frequently Asked Questions for Visitors

Virtual Exhibition Attendee Tutorial Video


  • How much does it cost to register for the GC Session Virtual Exhibition?
    • Participating in the Virtual Exhibition experience is FREE!
  • How do I register for the Virtual Exhibition?
    • Click on the Button “Register Now” on the right side of the page to go to the Registration page.
  • What languages will the virtual platform offer?
    • English, Spanish, Portuguese, & French
  • What languages will the booth welcome videos, webinars, and presentations be in?
    • Any language the booth administrators want
  • How many exhibitors will there be in the Virtual Exhibition Hall in 2022?
    • About 150
  • How do I navigate the Virtual Exhibition platform?
    • Organization of each pavilion will be intentional and overt, with signage and direction for users. Please watch the VIrtual Exhibition Attendee Tutorial Video on this page (English, Spanish, Portuguese, & French).
  • Will there be links to both the GC Session event broadcast and the Virtual Exhibition on the same virtual page for attendees?
    • Yes


  • What is a booth ‘welcome video’?
    • It is a short video that you produce in your preferred language, to welcome visitors to your booth. 
  • Will the booth welcome video deploy every time a visitor comes to the booth?
    • Yes
  • What is the virtual marketplace, how does it work, and how do I pay for good that I buy?
    • The virtual marketplace is a virtual site where exhibitors can post products for sale.  Payment for items will be done using Stripe or Paypal.  All payments will be directed to the primary exhibitor selling the merchandise.  The Marketplace will not be open over Sabbath hours in all time zones. 
  • Can the buyer and/or the seller be anywhere in the world?
    • Yes. The marketplace automatically calculates and transfers the payments you make to venders via PayPal or Stripe accounts.
  • Will there be a link directly from booths directly to their page in the marketplace?
    • Yes, links to booth products will be listed on the booth menu.
  • How will fulfillment of purchases be handled for the items sold in the marketplace?
    • For each purchase made, the seller will receive information about the product, the buyer and the shipping address. The seller must dispatch the product and provide the tracking number on the platform. Once the product is received, the payment will be released to the seller’s Paypal or Stripe account, discounting the percentage taken from Paypal or Stripe for supporting the transaction. Shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the seller. If sellers wish to restrict buying to one geographic area of the globe, this information will be available to buyers prior to selecting and making a purchase.
  • Who chooses the time slot for the ZOOM presentations from Exhibition booths?
    • Exhibitors
  • What ZOOM platform is being used and what is the attendee limitation?
    • Exhibitors will be using their own ZOOM accounts. Attendee limitations will be per exhibitor ZOOM account.
  • What platform are the live chats connected to the booth run on?
    • Chats are run on the Virtual Exhibition platform
  • How many presentations/seminars will each exhibitor hold from their own booth?
    • This will vary depending on the exhibitor. Please check booth schedules.
  • Where can I find webinar and presentation recordings after the Virtual Exhibition event?
    • Recorded presentations will be houses on the Adventist COLLECTIVE @


  • What is a poster presentation?
    • A poster presentation is the presentation of research, innovation, or new initiatives using a digital poster. You can find poster templates in several programs (Power Point, Google Slides) on most computers.  Virtual poster presentations have 4 elements: the poster (information presented in a pleasing way), a Q&A section for text questions and answers, a short video presentation of the content, and the poster itself. 
  • How many posters can be linked to an exhibitor booth?
    • This will vary.
  • What is the photo booth?
    • It’s a virtual space where you can visit a photo booth of your favorite organization and take selfies in front of their logo!


  • Will the GC Session events be broadcasted live throughout the event?
    • Yes
  • Will there be stages and breakout rooms for seminars and presentations like the Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting event?
    • No. Unlike the Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting event in May 2021, there will not be stages for presentations. Exhibitors will have the option of doing seminars in their booths and hosting poster presentations in the poster hall.
  • What are the social media tags that we should use?
    • The social media tags will be shared closer to the date of the event.
  • Will the text questions or comments on posters, or photo interactions with visitors using the photo booth and social media # be monitored?
    • Yes. All participant initiated communication will be approved before it shows up on the virtual platform. For poster presentations, this is up to each organization/presenter. For the social media # and photo booth, Virtual Exhibition staff will be appointed to oversight throughout the event.
  • Will exhibitors offer game prizes for the games on the Virtual Exhibition platform?
    • This is entirely up to each exhibitor.
  • Will booths be operating during GC Business sessions?
    • While GC business sessions will run during the daytime hours in North America, exhibition booths have the potential of being available 24 hours per day for a global population. It is not the intent for the Exhibition Hall to be in competition with GC Business sessions.

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