Virtual Booths

Connect with leading Adventist organizations at their booth at the Virtual Exhibition Experience. Learn about the amazing work each exhibitor is doing around the world. Be inspired to get involved, start a new ministry in your community or simply strengthen your faith.

Watch the video below for a quick demo of a virtual booth.

Virtual Booths Demo Video

Click on the short video below to learn more about virtual booths

The virtual booth is similar to a in-person booth in many ways. You will be welcomed to the booth and can engage in a conversation with booth representatives. See an assortment of materials many which you can download and keep. Attend webinars or workshops, poster presentations* and online networking with other attendees.

*Poster Presentations are a new feature where exhibitors can share their work in a multi-media poster. Check it out at this link.

Digital Booths Features

Below is an example of an virtual exhibitor booth. They are set up to maximize your experience, learning and enjoyment. Virtual booths will differ between organizations, but most have the following features; a welcome video, interactive capacity with attendees, booth activities, links to social media, virtual poster sessions, and ZOOM workshops and webinars. There are three examples below to demonstrate different types of booths.

Real Connections

You can make meaningful connections with booth personal while visiting the virtual exhibition, right from the comfort of your own home! Simply click on the chat feature of the booth (illustration in the image to the right) to start a conversation!

Interacting with exhibitors from the comfort of home!
Start a conversation with a booth representative at any time.

Webinars & Workshops

Join a webinars or ZOOM workshops right from at the virtual booths. Find the schedule at the booth or on the event website. Attend a workshop and learn more about an organization’s ministry and services. Attend a webinar to increase your knowledge and skills in representing Christ to the world and say ‘I Will GO’.

Poster Presentations

Participate in a Poster Presentation by clicking on the Poster Presentation blue tab at the top of the exhibition hall page. Find the schedule for poster presentations in the poster hall. Learn about all the amazing research and knowledge creation being done by Adventist scholars and organizations from around the world.

Visual Summary of Booth Features

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