Booth Features, Designs and Pricing

Deliver tons of value with our feature-packed Booths

Booths are loaded with features with which you can interact with visitors. You can host images, brochures, data sheets, and play videos to bring your booth to life.

Engage Your Audience

Connecting with visitors to your booth is key to creating interest and engagement to start building a relationship. There are a number of features that enable booth representatives to connect with quests at your booth.

Welcome Video

Exhibitors can have a recorded welcome video that plays when visitors come to your booth.

A short video can welcome visitors and let them know key facts about your booth.

Chat Instantly With Visitors

Booth representatives can be notified immediately when a visitor comes to your booth. A pop up window will show who is currently visiting a booth and representatives can start a conversation with visitors.

Video Conferencing

Exhibitors can have video meetings or seminars at their booth with visitors. These sessions can be scheduled in advance or started spontaneously.

Poster Presentations

Exhibitors can share more information and content with Poster Presentations in our Poster Presentation Hall. Its a great way for researchers, academics, theologians and others to share their latest work. Click on the image below to find out more.

Booth Design Elements

Each booth has a number of features that allow exhibitors to tell their story.

Graphic Elements

Each booth can have from three to six different graphic elements to catch the eye of the visitor and to invite them to look deeper. Each of the images can also be a clickable hyperlink to other information or other web sites. Platinum Plans can have animated GIFs for their graphic elements.

Content Tabs

Each booth can have multiple tabs along the bottom of their booth that contain a variety of content. It can have
– Description of your organization
– Content to view such as documents
– Links to external websites and other stored information
– Items to download
– Links to social media

Pricing Packages

Standard Booth Template

Each exhibitor will be provided with a standard booth template according to the booth package selected. Various graphic elements can be uploaded to your booth to personalize the appearance of the booth. The following are the number of images spaces for each booth package:
– Bronze……..2 Images
– Silver………..3 Images
– Gold…………4 Images
– Platinum……5 or 6 images

Exhibitors can also upload short videos or documents which visitors can see and download. The different booth packages provide for a various amounts of videos and documents to be uploaded to the booth.

The booth can be customized at an additional cost to the exhibitor.

GC2022 Virtual Exhibition Experience – Information Session Video

Keys to Building Your Booth (coming soon)

The following video shows the key elements to designing your booth and getting the most out of your participation as a exhibitor.

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