Exhibit Hall Pavilions

The exhibit halls will be divided into several pavilions where the booths will be located. The booths will be assigned to pavilions which may be similar with other exhibitors to help generate traffic to the area.

The following two images are examples of two pavilion arrangements from the Global Campmeeting event.

Pavilion Example 1

Each of the pavilions will contain a mix of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum booths. Each booth will be represented by a logo, word-mark or image and a graphic of a booth. The booth graphics will be different sizes depending on the level of the booth package selected.

Pavilion Example 2

TIP: Each exhibitor booth will be identified by a logo or word-mark that represents the organization. Exhibitors should use a simple logo or word-mark that will be recognizable and readable by visitors, so they can find booths of interest to them. Avoid small type or complex images that will be difficult to for visitor to read or recognize.

Hashtag for the GC Virtual Exhibition: