JUNE 01, 2022

Virtual Exhibition Experience features/events: The VX is going to have lots of great activities for you to attend! Explore the exhibition hall and visit hundreds of booths, attend presentations, see posters from top Adventist scholars, play a Kahoot game, or visit the networking lounge or prayer room. You can also shop at the virtual marketplace and take a photo in our photo booth. Post about your Virtual Exhibition experience on social media. Hashtag #GCVX22. Once you enter the VX, you will be added to the leaderboard. Collect points for every VX experience and win a fantastic prize!

GC Education: The Education department of the General Conference is responsible for the coordination, promotion, training, and quality of the global Seventh-day Adventist education program, which includes over 8,500 schools, colleges, and universities, with over 108,500 teachers, and 1,954,920 students. Learn more @

GC Youth Ministries: Implementing the vision and direction of youth ministries’ for the leadership of the world church. Learn more @

GC Health Ministries: The Health department exists to support and empower Seventh-day Adventist churches, members, and institutions around the world to experience the blessings of wholistic health while actively sharing those blessings with others. Learn more @

North American Division Youth & Young Adult Ministries: This department oversees youth, Pathfinders, Adventurers, camping, young adults and public campus ministry for the churches and schools of the NAD. Learn more @

North American Division Education: This department oversees Adventist education within the NAD. Currently there are over 74,240 students and 9,966 teachers and staff. Learn more @

Griggs International Academy: Griggs seeks to inspire learning, transform lives, and serve the world through Seventh-day Adventist Christian distance, faith infused education. Learn more @

North American Division Health Ministries: The mission of the Health Ministries department is to share hope and wholeness through the healing power of Christ by promoting whole-person health principles. Learn more @
Please attend GC Session & Virtual Exhibition Experience!
Virtual Exhibition Experience Team for GC Session 2022
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