APRIL 12, 2022

Imagine Seeing Adventist World Leaders & YOU in the Same Meeting!
The first media player capable of live streaming was called RealPlayer in 1995. Later that year, the first public live stream event was hosted. I was a broadcast of the baseball match between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners.
The GC business sessions have historically been live streamed in real time during the entire event. This year, you will be able to enter the virtual exhibition hall auditorium and watch the business sessions for yourself without ever leaving your home!
Learn more about the decision-making processes of the church
Find out who has been elected to lead into the next quinquennium
Hear great stories, spiritual messages, and wonderful music
Renew your commitment to the great commission.It’s virtual, (and FREE) so everyone can join without leaving their homes.
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Here are a few more BOOTHS that will be at the VIRTUAL EXHIBITION for all of our attendees:

North American Division (NAD) – Formed in 1985, the NAD includes the United States, Canada, Bermuda, & Guam/Micronesia and represents more than 1.2 million members. The NAD’s strategic focus in ‘together in mission, with special emphasis on media, multiplying, and mentorship. Learn more @

Adventist Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU) – AACU exists to improve Adventist higher education, and to help make the benefits known to students seeking a degree at a faith-based institution. Below you’ll learn more about AACU and the benefits it offers for students. AACU represents collaboration between higher education entities in the NAD instead of competition. Learn more @

Health Enhanced Foods – Visit @ and learn more about how to optimize your health by using superior flours. Products can help those with diabetes, kidney disease, and gluten intolerance. Best of all you can provide your family with all natural, high-quality flours to make the best breads, breakfast pancakes and waffles, muffins and cakes!

Secrets Unsealed – Secrets Unsealed proclaims the message which God entrusted to the Seventh-day Adventist church. Learn biblical fundamental truths and the distinctive Adventist beliefs. Learn more @

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) – 3ABN is dedicated to proclaiming the three angel’s message of Revelation 14 as God’s messages of grace to a lost and dying world! Content is available in English, Spanish, French, & Russian for adults and children! Visit 3ABN @ Download the latest 3ABN magazine @ Listen to 100 Days of Prayer podcasts @ and watch live or previously aired 3ABN tv @

Pacific Press – Located in Boise Idaho, Pacific Press produced Christian books and periodicals with Christian themes for children and adults. Women’s ministries is one of their specialties. They have resources in English, Spanish, French, Afrikaans, and Samoan. Learn more @

The Virtual Exhibition experience is going to be the first time in the history of our denomination, where the worldwide population of Adventists can meet in the same digital space at the same time, for the same purpose – to proclaim the glory of God and renew our commitment to spread the message of God’s love to the entire world. Be part of this inaugural event. Register now and see you soon!
Virtual Exhibition Experience Team for GC Session 2022


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