MAY 11, 2022

Funding Your Mission Projects – We’ve Got Money for You!

Money; Is there ever enough? Charitable organizations are always in need of funds to support humanity in all its fragility. So how do we make a significant impact in a hurting world? It’s overwhelming at times.
Introducing the new GC Mission Impact Fund! Your church can access this fund to change the lives of those most in need. Come to the Impactful Giving Booth at the Virtual Exhibition Experience, and learn how you can secure GC mission impact funds to improve the lives of those in your own community! Look for the booth below in the Exhibition Hall.

Mission Impact Fund: Learn more – watch this video!

Introducing the new GC Adventist Donor Gift Fund: This fund offers a simple and tax-efficient way to maximize the impact of your charitable giving. Contributions may be eligible for a tax deduction and grow tax-free, leveraging the value of your philanthropy. Grants are distributed at your own pace, providing the opportunity to develop a strategic approach that better supports your philanthropic vision. This fund is designed specifically for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Come to the Impactful Giving Booth at the Virtual Exhibition Experience!

Adventist Donor Gift Fund: Learn more – watch this video!

Monday, June 6th, @ 12:30pm, GC Treasury is sponsoring a Kahoot game. Come Play!
This week’s Virtual Exhibition Experience highlighted experience: Networking Lounge.

Come visit the Networking Lounge and reconnect with old friends and make new ones! The networking lounge will be open 24/7 during the entire GC Session Virtual Exhibition Experience. While there will be a few scheduled events, most of the time, this lounge will be available to socialize and connect with other believers from around the world!
This Week’s Highlighted Virtual Exhibition Organizations
Israel Field: This geographic region has a membership of approximately 900 members within a population of 7.7 million. There are 13 congregations and Peace Publishing House, along with several Bible correspondence schools. Learn more about the Adventist experience in Israel @
GC Stewardship: Stewardship and the Great Commission.

GC Stewardship: Learn more – watch this video!

North American Division Adventist-Laymen’s Services Industries (ASI). A membership-based Adventist organization of business owners and professionals focused about spreading the gospel of Christ to the world. Learn more @

Argentina Union is in the South American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and is divided into seven geographic conferences or missions and was organized in 2010. They boost a membership of nearly 120,000 and have over 625 established churches. Learn more @

Uruguay Union is also in the South American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. It boosts over 60 churches with an Adventist population of 7,170. Learn more @

The Ellen G. White Estate was established in 1912 to act as an agent of Ellen’s writings and printing of materials, with oversight of five Adventist trustees, appointed for life. It is the mission of the Ellen G. White estate to support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in uplifting Jesus Christ and His Word by sharing Ellen Whit’s prophetic ministry and writings throughout the4 world. Learn more @

The Southern Asian Division is comprised of 4 countries: Bhutan, India, The Maldives, and Nepal. It boosts over 4,000 churches, with a full complement of education entities, healthcare organizations, and community services focused on vulnerable populations. Learn more @
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Virtual Exhibition Experience Team for GC Session 2022
PS. Click on this link and hit ‘play’ to hear the first in a series of Adventist pioneer stories.


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